Teen girl suffers domestic abuse, gets fucked by a counselor

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Despite the appearance, Alina Lopez is a very mentally disturbed schoolgirl. First off, her father is a bald-headed man with a goatee. He wears a wife-beater cuz he thinks he's cool. Anyway, after entering Alina's room he unbuckles his belt and approaches her menacingly while the girl is crying (or rather trying to cry) in the corner. The implications are pretty damn clear here. After this traumatizing experience, she books an appointment with a counselor and the end result of that is what you see here, a crazy-ass sex session. The guy does his best to calm down the schoolgirl that seemingly cannot stop weeping (with no tears). He uses this situation to him advantage cuz men are pigs – he kisses Alina and starts undressing her, pretending to be gentle and whatnot. We see her getting spanked lightly so she could fetishize the abuse by her father which is totally healthy and cool. Alina responds with a blowjob and the guy oversells in attempts to make her feels sexy. Anyway, we see her getting fucked real hard. It's hot.

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