Lindsey Cruz gets banged by her old mate

Joymii and Kristof Cale
Skinny blonde beauty Linsey Cruz was traveling all around the Europe and as she arrived in Barcelona, she called her old friend from the university and asked him to lift her to the hotel. But being a polite man, he asked blonde lady to stay in his for a night. Of course, she agreed, because she was still considered that he was so fucking hot and spending a night in his was like a good chance to remind herself how much he is good in the bed! But she was to tire to make love and as she woke up in the morning, time to fuck had come. So, after snuggling with him in the kinkiest way, fair-haired beauty took his cock out of pants to give him nice deepthroat blowjob, then, as he laid on his back, skinny doll climbed on the top of his donger to ride it in cowgirl pose and reverse cowgirl as well. But it was just a begging of such a great action with two old friends and to continue it, he banged petite teen in doggy style, spread-eagle and few other poses, before he came deep inside her shaved twat. It seems that it was a great begging for her European journey, isn’t it?

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  • By Rytal - Jan 05, 2019 00:08
    Very hot blonde 🍆

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