Blair Williams cures her perverted step-brother with sex

Pure Taboo and Blair Williams
Blair Williams and her nerdy step-brother Nathan don’t exactly have the most loving relationship. She thinks he’s a momma’s boy, and he thinks she is too wild. But secretly, his geekiness turns Blair on. She teases him in her tight shorts and a see-through shirt until he leaves for school. He comes back to Blair who found his collection of porn and, most of all, his photo of his mom he uses to jerk off to. He needs to make sure that Blair doesn’t tell anyone about his incestual fantasies. Blair is willing to keep her step-brother’s secret, but under one condition. He has to let her cure him of his perversion, and the only way to do that is to fuck her. He is hesitant, but he doesn’t really have a choice. Blair strokes her step-brother’s cock, spits on it, and finally puts it in her mouth. To make sure that he is cured of his perversion, Blair makes Nathan stare at his mother’s photo as she sucks his cock in an acrobatic position. She then lets him fuck her from behind on their bed.

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