Babysitter in underwear gets punished on the stairs

Team Skeet and Riley Star
Riley Star has been a very bad girl. She stole the lingerie from the mother of the baby, she has been babysitting. And she was trying it on when the father of the family came inside. He was angry first. He said that she has to be punished for this. But then, he realized, that tight ass and small boobs of the babysitter look great in this underwear and that she has to be punished differently. He took her by the stairs going to the second floor. There he put her on the floor and make her suck his standing dick. He was holding girls head by her hair and she was swallowing his dick deeper and deeper. Then, he put her on one step up, as she was too short for him and fucked her from the back while standing. The girl loved the size of his cock. Then they went to the couch, where the girl went on top and was riding him up. She was still wearing the lingerie, that turned him on even more. She did not take the panties off even when he was fucking her from the front, and he was holding her neck at this time. This seems to turn her on even more. The last position the guy chose was the doggy style, so he could fuck her as hard as possible. The girl was screaming from pleasure, that it turns the guy on a lot. So, he came all over her face.

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  • By Guru - Feb 01, 2019 19:40
    Blonde girl is very good 😘

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