A bad babysitter seduces the good father of the family

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Kimmy Granger is working as a babysitter in one family. But she is hiding a secret. She is in love with the father of the family and she will do everything that it takes just to fuck him. This afternoon she finally gets a chance to do it. She is wrapping the clothes when he comes. Then she starts her game. She goes with her little fingers trying to reach out to his cock. First, the guy is shocked and he doesn’t want to fuck her. But she is insisting and saying that he will have trouble if he will not fuck her now. Eventually, the guy gives up and this happens. She goes down on her knees and gives him very nice and deep blowjob. Then she lies back on the couch and gives him her pussy. She is enjoying it and doing almost everything by herself. She is moving and makes him go inside deeper and deeper. Then he goes behind and fucks her on the side. Then they go to the position from the back – this is the one when he finally can slap her for being a bad girl. He is doing it and grabbing her neck. She loves this position. Then the girl goes on top and riding the guy like crazy. At the end, the guy goes deeper and comes inside of her.

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